On the walls surrounding the Hut there are a lot of climbing opportunities of all grades and types, from ridge climbing and easy routes to difficult big wall climbing of Lomnický Peak, the ridge of Pyšné Peaks, Baranie rohy, Ľadový Peak, Široká veža, Prostredný hrot and Žltá veža.

The recommended routes are „Hokejka“ (VI) in the West face of Lomnický peak, „Cesta k Slnku“ (V-) in the wall of Malý Ľadový peak  and any route on the peaks Žltá stena and Prostredný hrot. You will certainly get the satisfaction from climbing the South-West face of Baranie rohy or the biggest overhang in The High Tatras called  ,,Kráľovský previs“ on Pyšný Peak.

The climbing guidebook is to be found at the Hut or available online here: