The Hut lies in The Small Cold Valley and it is surrounded by numerous famous peaks: from the South-West Žltá stena  (2 182 m) and Prostredný hrot (2 441 m), from the West Široká veža (2 461.5 m), further from the North Ľadový Peak, Snehový Peak, Baranie rohy, and on the North-East Pyšný Peak a Lomnický Peak. In the vicinity of the hut you can find the tarns called 5 Spišských plies – Small, Lower, Middle, Great and Upper.

The yellow marked path traverses the pass Priečne sedlo and ends in the Great Cold Valley next to Zbojnícka Hut. The green marked path goes via the saddle Sedielko directly to Javorová Valley ending in Tatranská Javorina.

We kindly ask you to be respectful to nature and follow the basic rules of safe hiking in the mountains as well as to accept the trails closure from 1 November until 15 June.