Location and access

The Téry Hut is located at the altitude of 2015 meters above sea level in the upper part of The Small Cold Valley near the tarns called 5 Spišských plies. The Hut is a favourite tourist destination thanks to its year-round operation and a relatively easy access from Starý Smokovec.



The Téry Hut provides you with beautiful views of numerous peaks surrounding the Small Cold Valley. You have a direct view of the second highest peak of The High Tatras – Lomnický Peak (2633 m) and only a few meters lower Pyšný Peak (2621 m).

The Small Cold Valley is ended by the 2627 m high Ľadový Peak. The Valley meets the Great Ice Valley in The Baranie sedlo (2389 m) just beneath the peak Baranie rohy (2526 m).

We should definitely mention the peak Široká veža (alt. 2461m) stretching across 3 neigbouring valleys, i.e. the Small Cold, the Great Cold and the Javorová.

The peaks Prostredný hrot (2240 m) and Žltá stena (2182 m) rise above the hut dominating the valley.

In the close vicinity of the Hut you can find the tarns 5 Spišských plies – Small, Lower, Middle, Great and Upper. Further in the valley, just beneath the peak Baranie rohy, there is Little Baranie Tarn. On the way to the saddle Sedielko, you get to Blue Tarn situated beneath Malý Ľadový Peak.



 „Starý Smokovec – Hrebienok“ (↑ 45mins , ↓ 25mins)
or by a funicular (ride time: 4 min)
Operating times and schedules are availaible on the website  www.vt.sk

„Hrebienok – Zamkovský Hut“ (↑ 1hour, ↓ 1hour 05mins)
From Hrebienok take the red marked path across The Giant Waterfall up to Zamkovský Hut

 „Zamkovský Hut – Téry Hut“ (↑ 2hours, ↓ 1hour 40mins)
Starting from Zamkovský Hut you will get directly to The Small Cold Valley taking the green marked path. A gradual ascent leads you through the valley up to the steep slope called „Veľký hang“. In summer, the hike goes up in serpentines. But in winter, you will take it straight ahead following poles trail marking. There you reach the shorter and more gentle slope „Malý hang“ which takes you directly to the Hut.

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