Welcome to Téry Hut at 2015 metres above sea level

The Téry Hut is the highest mountain hut with the year-round operation. It is situated in The High Tatras in The Small Cold Valley at 2015 metres above sea level, near to the tarns called 5 Spišských Plies. The easiest access is from the village Starý Smokovec through Hrebienok, The Giant Waterfall and The Zamkovský Hut. Another and more difficult trail is from the North, starting in the village Tatranská Javorina, going through The Javorová Valley up to the pass Sedielko. Or you can choose the trail from The Zbojnícka Hut via Priečne sedlo. The hut with its surroundings are ideal for sporting activities and spending free time – hiking, traversing passes, climbing and mountaineering, skialpinism, or just relaxing beside the tarns.

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